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Best Paper Award

A Proximity and Pressure Touch Screen Using Mutual Capacitance Measurement
Satoshi Tsuji, Teruhiko Kohama

Virtual High Dynamic Range Imaging for Underwater Drone Navigation
Boguslaw Cyganek, Michal Wozniak


Best Presentation Award

Preparation and Gas Sensing Properties of Orderly Porous Tin Dioxide
Junliang Liu, Yiyang Zhang, Chengwu Zhou, Haiyan Chen, Ming Zhang

Simulation of Electrical Characteristics for Misalignment of Coil in Wireless Power Transfer System using Repeating Coil
Akihiro Imakiire, Hideaki Tokunaga, Akihiro Kawagoe, Masahiro Kozako, Masayuki Hikita

A Study on Impulse Noise Reduction Using CNN Learned by Divided Images
Yasushi Amari, Takashi Miyazaki, Yusuke Koshimura, Yasuki Yokoyama, Hiroaki Yamamoto

Waste Heat Recovery Technology Based on Thermoelectric Couple for Fuel Cell
Jia-Ruei Wu, Chung-Neng Huang

Design Micro-piezoelectric Actuated Gripper for Medical Applications
Musaddiq Al Ali, Muazez Al Ali, Amjad Y. Sahib, Rajaa S. Abbas

A Consideration to Develop a High-level Synthesizable Software Game Library
Yuki Yamagata, Akira Yamawaki


Best Poster Award

Study of Free Space Detection for Narrow Roads Driving Support System
Kodai Matsukawa, Kosei Nojiri, Hirofumi Ohtsuka

L2 Learners’ Proficiency Evaluation on CEFR Criteria using Recognition-Taguchi Method
Hajime Tsubaki


Best Student Paper Award

Tomotaka Fujii
Obstacle Recognition using a Convolution Neural Network In Support of Persons with a Visual Impairment

Kohei Saito
An Improved Background Subtraction Method For Tracking A Person In The Crowd

Jui Min Tsai
Design of a Novel Sensing Module for Machine Tool Vibration Monitoring by Integrating Multiple MEMS Accelerometers

Tomohiro Morio
Visual Odometry from Floor Images by using Accelerated KAZE Features

Hiroki Tezuka
3D Face Modeling base on the Efficient Detecting of Facial Feature Parts