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Keynote Speakers

Prof. Seiichi Serikawa
Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
Title User-friendly Switches and Secure Non-contact Switches for Universal Design
Abstract A switch is a typical input interface. There are various types of switches according to the purpose and preference. In this speech, I will introduce a film type of touch panel switch that can be bended, added, and deleted. Since the switch is made of a thin film, it can be changed to various shapes and easily painted. Furthermore, even if a part of the touch switch is replaced with a push button or a toggle switch, it operates correctly. This makes it possible to easily create an arbitrary switch according to the preference required by the user. On the other hand, recently, the demand for non-contact switch is increasing. However, non-contact switch sometimes malfunctions when a people approaches it. Thus, I propose a new signal code for non-contact. A waving action is used to do the code. By using the code, it is possible to easily practice a plurality of operations without malfunction.
Prof. Yasuyuki Nabeshima
National Institute of Technology, Akashi College, Japan
Title Damage of Mega Solar Power Plants Due to Heavy Rain
– Global warming and sustainable green energy –
Abstract The decarbonizing is one of the hottest topics in the world. Although the thermal power generation was still high rate in Japan, the renewable energy gradually increased. In particular, the solar power generation, which is a typical renewable energy, is increasing in Japan. Mega solar power plants increased after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. The heavy rainfall disasters are getting larger and more powerful year after year due to the global warming, some of mega solar power plants were damaged. Typical damages of mega solar power plants were shown in this presentation, and the failure mechanism of mega solar plants was investigated through the experimental studies. Finally, geotechnical slope stability approaches were proposed for the mega solar power plant construction.