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The safety of conference participants and local peoples are our priority. After evaluating the current COVID-19 situation, the ICISIP2021 committee has decided to transform the ICISIP2021 into a completely online-only conference.
The conference dates will remain the same: Sept. 6 to Sept. 10, 2021. Proceedings will be continually published as planned. The program will be held online using the video conference system ZOOM. For details, please confirm the programs’ timetable.
We apologize in advance for the occurrence of such an unexpected situation.
The ICISIP2021 Executive Committee will do its best to make the online conference as successful as possible.
Last but not least, the Committee would like to thank you for your support and participation in ICISIP2021.

Rules for Q&A :
1. Please ask questions via the zoom public text chat function before the presentation’s end.
2. The chairman will read the questions instead.
3. The presenter should answer the question orally within the presentation time.
4. The questioner and presenter can discuss further via individual text chat after the presentation time but within the session time.

Major changes :
The on-site oral presentation session will be replaced by an online oral presentation session.
Participants in the on-site oral presentation session will be presented by the ZOOM conference system, so it is necessary to prepare a personal computer and install the ZOOM software.
If it is determined that the online connection environment will interfere with the presentation, it is possible to prepare a video in advance. In that case, the chairman will play the video, while the presenter should attend the online venue as much as possible to answer the questions.

The on-site poster session will be replaced by an online poster session.
One breakout room will be prepared for each poster. The conference room number will be the poster number. Since the mainstream monitor screen is horizontally long 16: 9, it is desirable that the poster for screen sharing be created with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 so that participants can easily read it. Also, the presenter should be in his/her own breakout room during the poster session time.