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Special Session

We encourage participants to organize special sessions with their academic acquaintance and research partners. Each organized session should have 4~6 papers, and the session organizers are responsible for corresponding with the conference committee. Please send the session title, abstract of the special session, titles of articles and detailed author information to icisip2021(at)ia-engineers.org. We are open for further discussion on this topic.

Organizer Dr. Satoshi Watanabe
International University of Health and Welfare, Japan
Prof. Naruki Shirahama
National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College, Japan
Title Bioinstrumentation, Affective Computing and Humanware Engineering
Abstract The main purpose of our research group is to improve QOL using techniques such as biological measurements, subjective information processing, assistive technology and so on. We describe the results of research in the area of “BACH” (Bioinstrumentation, Affective Computing, and Humanware Engineering). Papers in this special session are solicited for, but not limited to: Affective Computing, Relaxing Effects, Subjective evaluation using Visual Analog Scale, and research using cerebral blood flow measurement by NIRS.