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We are calling for papers for the coming issues. JMTI is currently publishing two issues every year. Authors are invited to submit research papers and research notes describing new trends in their study related to the following topics, but not limited to management, business, administration, finance, economy, sustainable development, education,  training, social science. Please register on our website and use our online submission system to submit the articles.

Posted: 2018-12-03

Call for Papers (Special Issue)


Title: Doing Business in an Interconnected World: Cross-Cultural Issues in Management and Marketing

Please find the TEMPLATE HERE.

    This Special Issue will focus on the challenges and solutions to the increasingly important problem of doing business across national and cultural bourndaries. While recognizing the diverse nature of the global marketplace, both academics and practitioners struggle with attempting to identify potential problems, measure the parameters, and forecast the developments associated with the multicultural environment.                                                                                 

   We invite submissions that provide theoretical or empirical contributions to a broad range of related topics. The following list is not exhaustive:

  • Management of cross-cultural group dynamics in MNCs and related employee training
  • Meaning of innovation and ambidextrous treatment of disruptive and sustaining innovations
  • Corporate structures that support or discourage cross-cultural dialog
  • Formation and functioning of self-regulated social networks in the corporate environment and beyond
  • Personal reputation and face-saving strategies in the failure-prone market environment
  • Changing consumer behavior and consumption preferences in developed economies and emerging markets
  • In-group and out-group consumption standards
  • Marketing strategies to target multicultural segments
  • Vertical and horizontal social migration and manifestation of social status through consumption.
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Newest Issue


Vol.4 No.1

Posted: 2017-04-01



 Journal of Management and Training for Industries は現在論文を募集している。対象分野は次の通りである:







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Call for Editors

Journal of Management and Training for Industries (JMTI) is a peer reviewed journal which aims to provide academic professionals, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners a forum to discuss issues and newly emerging trends in the field of management and training for industries from a multi-disciplinary perspective. We are now calling for editors.  
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