Education Modelling for the Common Good

pp.37-49. Francisco José Leandro


This paper proposes a possible model of education for the common good and for application in a technological and globalized era. It also aims to answer the question of why we have to combine emotional intelligence and ethics to sustain a model of education for the common good. It is organized as follows: (1) Introduction; (2) What is education modelling? (3) What do we understand by ‘the common good’; (4) The three components of the proposed education model; and (5) Conclusions. Education is the engine of an evolution without revolutions as it endures the newness of positive life. The future of education lies in guiding people to act, with others, for the right reasons, with ethics as the beacon of human dignity. This paper is dedicated to all my students, whom I hope will act as seeds and agents of positive and peaceful transformation.

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