Why Cross-Cultural Issues in Management and Marketing Are That Important and Worth Our Undivided Attention?

pp.1-12. Gregory J Kivenzor


Mark Fields, the former Ford CEO, said: “You can have the best plan in the world, and if the culture isn’t going to let it happen, it’s going to die on the vine” (Durbin, 2006). The ultimate importance of this subject was most recently confirmed by Frans van Houten (2018), Chairman and CEO of Royal Philips: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" ... my take on why a winning culture is vital to run a successful business.” These statements given by the leaders of the large multi-national corporations outline the mission-critical role of cultural knowledge and understanding of cross-cultural communications. Without attention to the cultural content in the management of organizations and marketing activities all strategic plans will remain the proverbial good intentions paving the road to hell.

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