Buying Behavior of Online Consumers During COVID-19 – Buying Behavior, Payment Mode, and Critical Factors Affecting Consumers Buying Behavior During the Pandemic

pp.1-23 Hamayun Khan


The  novel COVID-19 has halted almost every sector across the globe, Yet, the outbreak of the pandemic has appeared different for E-Commerce in terms of the persistence of online activities. Unlike the offline shopping, the usage of various web-based platforms have remained unchanged due to the rising demand for online shopping and a shift in consumers buying behavior amid COVID-19. The impetus of conducting this research was to investigate the shift in and the impact of COVID-19 on the buying behavior of online consumers. Results indicate a significant relationship between the pandemic and consumers’ buying behavior. There is a remarkable change in the buying behavior of consumers and the payment method they use during the outbreak. Based on the findings, the research suggest recommendations for the policy makers of e-retails to consider a possible shift in and factors affecting consumers’ buying behavior during an outbreak, while framing a strategy.

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Print ISSN:2188-8728   Online ISSN: 2188-2274