Analysis of Waveform Spectrum of Compact Fan Motor Applying MT System

  • Eiji Toma National Institute of Technology, Tsuruoka College


The demand for compact fan motor increases for cooling use in the electronic equipment by weight saving of IT apparatus, spacing-saving now. The quality check of compact fan motor in production field is being conducted by sensory test of inspector. This sensory test requires a lot of experience to accurately examine the subtle difference the fan's noise and vibration, and dispersion occurs in judgment depending on physical condition of inspector and environmental change. Development of a measuring device for quantitatively examine the sound and vibration level and quality of a small fan motor is required in order to improve the problems in these inspection processes. In this research, we focused on improvement of discrimination inspection accuracy of abnormality / normality by extraction of feature value of waveform data and evaluation of effectiveness. As a result, by applying the MT system, it was found that appropriate discrimination test can be performed with the acoustic / vibration waveform of compact fan motor.


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