Extraction and Recognition of Speed Limit Signs in Night-scene Videos

  • Yoichi Kageyama Akita University
  • Kazuto Suzuki Akita University
  • Chikako Ishizawa Akita University
  • Takuya Suzuki Akita University


Road signs provide important information that guide and regulate the behavior of drivers and pedestrians to make their travel safer and more comfortable. However, failure to recognize road signs compromises their safety. The rate of accidental death due to speed limit violation is extremely high at night. To address this problem, automatic video extraction and recognition of road signs can be utilized to contribute to a reduction in traffic accidents. In this paper, we propose an extraction method focusing on the outlines of signs, and a recognition method focusing on the numerical symbols on signs in a night-scene video.

Author Biography

Yoichi Kageyama, Akita University
Human-Centered Computing Course, Graduate School of Engineering Science


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Kageyama, Y., Suzuki, K., Ishizawa, C., & Suzuki, T. (2018). Extraction and Recognition of Speed Limit Signs in Night-scene Videos. Journal of the Institute of Industrial Applications Engineers, 6(1), 29. https://doi.org/10.12792/jiiae.6.29