Proximity and Pressure Touch Screen Method Using Mutual Capacitance Measurement

  • Satoshi Tsuji Fukuoka University
  • Teruhiko Kohama


Touch screens are useful human interfaces on smartphones. Most touch screens only detect contact position. We propose a proximity and pressure touch-screen method to increase usability. The proposed touch screen consists of plane separated-type and parallel-type electrodes using mutual capacitance measurement. The proposed sensor detects an object and its position using the plane separated-type electrodes within the proximity range. It also detects the pressure and precise center position using the parallel-type electrodes (capacitance pressure sensor) on contact. We believe that the proposed proximity and pressure touch screen will become a functional and useful interface.


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Tsuji, S., & Kohama, T. (2018). Proximity and Pressure Touch Screen Method Using Mutual Capacitance Measurement. Journal of the Institute of Industrial Applications Engineers, 6(1), 47.