Proposal and Evaluation on Formation of Abilities Averaging for Effective Active Learning

Kodai Saito, Mitsuaki Yamada, Takashi Miura, Tsukasa Sato, Ryoji Onodera, Michiaki Shishido


In recent years, active learning with group work activities has been adopted in class of educational institution. Group work activities are expected to form students’ independence, cooperativeness, thinking faculty, expressiveness, and so on. However, in group work activities, there are drawbacks that adversely affect the progress and outcomes of students’ activities if an imbalance occurs in the personality and characteristics among the group members. For that reason, in order to maximize the learning effects of group work activities, it is indispensable to balance the performance exerted by the organized group. Therefore, “Formation of Abilities Averaging (FAA)” was proposed as a model of the method of organization to complement a group in consideration of personal characteristics and abilities in this research. Moreover, in order to demonstrate the characteristics of FAA, several methods were compared. In the experiments, the group work activities of Think-Pair-Share was done with a history class of general studies as a model. Then, the superiority was evaluated by the results of questionnaire surveys using Visual Analog Scale after the activities. As a result, in the FAA designating the positions within the group, the interest that leads to self-study after the class was high, and the effect of students’ motivation to learn was observed. In addition, FAA enables the organizer to control the condition of organization, it was possible to make more groups than when using other methods, indicated high degree of freedom and versatility.

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