Generation of Arbitrarily-Oriented Ribbed-Pattern Images Using Autocorrelation Coefficient

Toru Hiraoka


We propose a non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) method for generating arbitrarily-oriented ribbed-pattern (AORP) images from gray-scale photographic images. Ribbed patterns consist of wavy lines in a certain orientation. Ribbed-pattern images are obtained by superimposing ribbed patterns and photographic images. AORP images can arbitrarily change the orientation in which ribbed patterns occur. The proposed method is executed using autocorrelation coefficient. The proposed method can automatically generate ribbed patterns according to the change in the density of photographic images, and can arbitrarily change the orientation in which ribbed patterns occur by changing the value of the parameter. In order to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method, we conduct experiments using Lenna image and other photographic images. In the experiments, we show that the proposed method can generate AORP images.

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