Generation of Mottled Images Using Smoothing Filtering and Extension / Return Processing

  • Toru Hiraoka University of Nagasaki


We propose a non-photorealistic rendering method for generating mottled images from photographic images. Mottled patterns are mixed with different colors and shades of the same color, and are irregular in how to change colors and shapes of the patterns. Mottled images are expressed by overlapping the mottled patterns on photographic images. Our method is executed by an iterative calculation using smoothing filtering and extension / return processing. Our method has an advantage that mottled patterns can be automatically generated according to the luminance of photographic images. In addition, our method can change the size of mottled images by changing the value of the parameters. In order to verify the effectiveness of our method, we conducted experiments using various photographic images.As a result of the experiments, we clarified that the two advantages can be reproduced.


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