Brain Activity During Listening to And Imagining Music: Does Imagining Music Provide a Similar Effect as Listening to Music?

Yusuke Mitani, Takuya Kubo, Yuya Chiba, Yoshiko Maruyama, Kenji Moriya, Masahiro Nakagawa


We hypothesized imagining music that is one of our mundane action also provides us a relaxation effect as listening to music. The effects of imagining music as a relaxation task after studying compared with the effects of listening to music were investigated in terms of prefrontal activity. We defined accuracy of imagining music determined from questionnaire s the imagining accuracy (IA). Brain activities were investigated in three types of music (i.e., uplifting song, relaxing song, and classical music) when both subjects listened to music and imaged its music. In uplifting song and relaxing song which were selected subject' selves, listening to and imagining music provided same or slightly greater relaxing effect than that of resting. However, listening to classical music provide greater relaxation, whereas relaxing effect from imagining classical music was significantly smaller. This result indicates that the music that is easy to image, i.e., having high IA value, might provide certain level of relaxation by just imagining. More details of the relationship between the IA and the level of relaxing needs to be investigated in the next step.

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