Mobile Robot for Environmental Measurement in Greenhouse

  • Kenichi Iida National Institute of Technology, Nara College
  • Hikaru Kumamoto Nara Institute of Science and Technology
  • Shigeto Nakamura National Institute of Technology, Nara College
  • Etsuko Ueda Osaka Institute of Technology


The environmental information in the greenhouse is one of the essential items in precision agriculture for improving the productivity of crops. In many cases of environmental measurement in the greenhouse, a fixed sensor can measure near the installation location. However, to estimate the distribution of environmental information in the whole greenhouse, it is necessary to install many sensors, which increases the cost. Therefore, in this study, to acquire more detailed environmental information, we propose the system to measure the environmental information in the greenhouse by the mobile robot using ROS. The proposed mobile robot consists of the CO2 sensor, the temperature sensor, the humidity sensor, and LRF for environmental sensing. In this paper, we confirmed the usefulness of the proposed system from the verification experiment using a prototype mobile robot.


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Iida, K., Kumamoto, H., Nakamura, S., & Ueda, E. (2020). Mobile Robot for Environmental Measurement in Greenhouse. Journal of the Institute of Industrial Applications Engineers, 8(1), 33.