Design of Wireless Temperature and Humidity Acquisition System

  • Miaomiao Zhu Kyushu Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu
  • Shengrong Gong Changsha Institute of Technology
  • Zhenjiang Qian Changshu Institute of Technology
  • Lifeng Zhang Kyushu institute of technology


 Based on the Z-Stack protocol Stack, with the CC2530 radio frequency transceiver chip and DHT22 digital temperature and humidity sensor as the core, this article puts forward a new implementation designed for the wireless temperature and humidity acquisition system on the basis of the Zigbee wireless communication technology. With the method of upper machine software by GUI, changes in temperature and humidity can be shown on the display terminal intuitively. The article mainly expounds the system structure design, temperature andhumiditydataacquisitionprocessandgraphicalinterfacemonitoringimplementation. Experimentsshowthat the wireless sensor system can make the real-time data acquisition of temperature and humidity, which has not only good efficiency and scalability, but also high reliability and excellent stability.

Author Biographies

Miaomiao Zhu, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Lifeng Zhang, Kyushu institute of technology

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


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Zhu, M., Gong, S., Qian, Z., & Zhang, L. (2020). Design of Wireless Temperature and Humidity Acquisition System. Journal of the Institute of Industrial Applications Engineers, 8(3), 84.