An Experimental Research on Surface Roughness of Fine-Grained Graphite Machined by Micro End Mills

  • Hua Qiu Kyushu Sangyo University
  • Akio Kubo Kyushu Sangyo University


This paper presents an experimental research on surface roughness of fine-grained graphite machined by micro milling. POCO EDM-3 and POCO EDM-AF5 fine-grained graphite were adopted as workpiece material. A full groove milling was performed respectively using a tungsten carbide end mill with or without diamond-coating dedicated to graphite cutting. EDM-AF5, which has a smaller grain size than EDM-3, showed better property for surface roughness. The diamond-coated tool demonstrated more excellent abilities for micro milling than the uncoated tool, achieving more beautiful machining surface under higher cutting speed and feed rate condition. The influence degree of the grain size and the cutting parameters including cutting speed, feed rate and cutting depth on surface roughness was analyzed by using ANOVA method. The analysis results proved that the feed rate and the grain size have the most significant influence and the cutting depth only has a minor effect on the surface roughness, while the cutting speed is not an influence factor. Regression equations to predict the surface roughness value from related factors were derived with the regression analysis. Through additional verification experiments, the effectiveness of these equations was also confirmed.


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