Generation of Stripe Patchwork Images Preserving Hue and Saturation in HLS Color Space

  • Toru Hiraoka University of Nagasaki


Non-photorealistic rendering methods have been proposed for generating stripe-patchwork (SP) images from grayscale photographic images. However, when the conventional methods are applied to each of Red (R), Green (G) and Blue (B) of color photographic images, SP patterns between RGB are shifted. Therefore, this paper proposes a method for generating color SP (CSP) images without causing the shifts. The proposed method processes lightness in HLS color space. In addition, CSP images generated by the proposed method can preserve hue and saturation of color photographic images. Experiments using various color photographic images were performed to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method, and show that CSP images can be generated without CSP pattern shifts between RGB and with little change in hue and saturation. In addition, CSP patterns that changed by changing the parameters in the proposed method were visually confirmed.


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