Development of Automatic Trash System of Pet Litter Sheet

  • Airi Taniguchi National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College.
  • Yuhki Kitazono National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College


In recent years, the number of people owning pets has been increasing. Currently, many zoonotic diseases exist, and zoonotic infections can be contracted from pets. Since one of the routes of infection has been confirmed to be through excrement, we have developed a device that automatically folds pet sheets. This system consists of seven servomotors. The system folds the pet sheets along the creases and disposes of them in the trash. First, the left and right sides of the pet sheet are folded, then the top and bottom are folded. Finally, the pet sheet is carried to the trash can for disposal. This allows pet owners to dispose of their waste without touching the pet sheets, thus preventing zoonotic diseases. We conducted an experiment on the disposal of pet sheets containing urine and feces and found that the success rate was 100%.


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