Generation of Yin-Yang-Pattern-Like Images by Iterative Calculation Using DoG

  • Toru Hiraoka University of Nagasaki


We propose a non-photorealistic rendering method that converts photographic images into Yin-Yang-pattern-like images represented by smooth curved black and white areas. The proposed method applies two Gaussian filters with different parameter values (Difference of Gaussian: DoG) to photographic images, calculates the difference between the two smoothed images, and adds the difference to photographic images.  By repeating the process, Yin-Yang-pattern-like images are generated. In order to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method, we performed an experiment using Lenna image, and visually confirmed the changes Yin-Yang-pattern-like images generated when the values of the various parameters were changed. In addition, we performed an experiment using various photographic images.


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