Construction of Multi Viewpoints Database by GA for AR

  • Nozomi Matsuda Kyushu Institute of Technology
  • Kosuke Katada Kyushu Institute of Technology
  • Lifeng Zhang Kyushu Institute of Technology


Recently, as a useful application, the Augmented Reality (AR) has been widely adopted in mobile devices. In order to make the AR working smoothly on a low calculation ability smartphone, the high robustness and low calculation cost method is required. To realize such requirements, the Representative Image (RI) has been proposed. But, it does not guarantee the robustness in every case. In this study, an improved RI method using genetic algorithm is proposed. The numerous simulation result shows the proposed method is more robustness than the traditional one.


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Matsuda, N., Katada, K., & Zhang, L. (2016). Construction of Multi Viewpoints Database by GA for AR. Journal of the Institute of Industrial Applications Engineers, 4(1), 45.