IIAE CONFERENCE SYSTEM, The 2nd International Conference on Industrial Application Engineering 2014 (ICIAE2014)

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Beam Shaping of Multiple Laser Diodes Using a Kinoform
Yosuke Koga, Yuki Misaki, Taiki Nakano, Toshinori Hora, Shiyuan Yang

Last modified: 2014-03-25


Kinoform is a kind of a computer hologram only with a phase modulation, and it utilization efficiency of high light in order not to modulate the amplitude of incidence light. Kinoform must stabilize amplitude distribution because it does not have amplitude modulation. This study is a location of the pure research to design the kinoform which converge multiple laser diodes and can Beam shaping. Noise produces a lot in the dummy domain around the original image when Kinoform is designed with multiple lasers with Gaussian distribution have too small number of samples of Gaussian radius as an input. This study result shows that the noise in the dummy domain around the original image is suppressed to the steady value by making the number of samples per a laser light more than the definite value.

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