IIAE CONFERENCE SYSTEM, The 2nd International Conference on Industrial Application Engineering 2014 (ICIAE2014)

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Development of Fixed-point Square Root Operation for High-level Synthesis
Kazunari Yoshikawa, Naohiro Iwanaga, Akira Yamawaki

Last modified: 2014-03-25


High-level synthesis (HLS) is a technology for automatically converting software language programs into the hardware language programs. When performing HLS includes elementary functions, hardware size and operation speed increases. This reason come from that elementary functions HLS tool supported by the current is floating-point. We develop the generic elementary functions library that is able to be converted HLS. This paper focused on square root operations in elementary functions. Therefore, this paper attempts to design and develop fixed-point programs that are able to be converted HLS with C language. The experiment compares the HLS result using square root operations in the math library of C language and the HLS result using our developing function. The results show that it is possible to decreases hardware size and operation speed. Further, the error is less than 0.2% compared to the math library.


High-level synthesis, fixed-point, CORDIC.

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