IIAE CONFERENCE SYSTEM, The 2nd International Conference on Industrial Application Engineering 2014 (ICIAE2014)

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A Suitable Adaptive Illumination Compensation Method for Face Detection
Yongjun Liu, Conghua Xie

Last modified: 2014-03-25


In order to solve the face detection problem with complex lighting conditions, this paper presents a new method for face illumination compensation. The high-pass filtering is used to enhance edge information, the logarithmic transformation and the exponential transformtion are used to adjust the global brightness simultaneously, Nonlinear variances are applied to reduce the impact of the local highlights and shadows. The uneven lighting problem is lighten. Comparison experiments are conducted on the Yale B face dataset, Orl face dataset and our own face dataset. The results demonstrate that the illumination compensation method can significantly improve face detection rate.


Adaboost method; face detection; illumination compensation; histogram; Retinex

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