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Poster Session

Spectral Element Analysis of Composite Patched Beam PDF
Ilwook Park, Usik Lee

General Session 2

CT Image Artifacts Removal Method Using X-ray Light Blurring Transmission PDF
Huimin Lu, Xuelong Hu, Hsin-Chiang You, Yujie Li, Seiichi Serikawa
An Annulus Optimal Threshold Method Based for Non-uniform Illumination Image Correction PDF
Yujie Li, Huimin Lu, Shiyuan Yang, Lifeng Zhang, Seiichi Serikawa
A Suitable Adaptive Illumination Compensation Method for Face Detection PDF
Yongjun Liu, Conghua Xie
The Middle of the Sample Based on Color Face Identification Feature Extraction and Automatic Identification PDF
Ouyang Ying, Yongjun Liu



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