Presentations and Authors

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Organized Session

Development of Contact Type Positioning-free Supplier and Charger PDF
Daisuke Tanaka, Masaharu Moritsugu, Mayu Yamanaka, Shun Inoue, Lifeng Zhang
Image Inpainting Based FMM Algorithm by a Direction Selection Method PDF
Qian Fan, Xuelong Hu, Lifeng Zhang

General Session 1

Analysis and Solutions of Artifacts on Multi-slice Spiral CT Images PDF
Ziyue Yan, Xuelong Hu, Lifeng Zhang, Seiichi Serikawa

Poster Session

Proposal of a Touch Panel Like Operation Method For Presentation with a Projector Using Laser Pointer PDF
Yuya Kawahara, Lifeng Zhang
Development of Single Camera Finger Touch Position Coordinate Transform Algorithm PDF
Shenjing Chen, Lifeng Zhang, Seiichi Serikawa

General Session 2

An Annulus Optimal Threshold Method Based for Non-uniform Illumination Image Correction PDF
Yujie Li, Huimin Lu, Shiyuan Yang, Lifeng Zhang, Seiichi Serikawa

General Session 3

A Vehicle Speed Measurement System For Nighttime with Camera PDF
Yuji Goda, Lifeng Zhang, Seiichi Serikawa
Tooth Width and Pitch of Circle Saw Blade Research Based on Vision Measurement PDF
Kun Yang, Mingxin Zhang, Xiaobin Xie, Jinlong Zheng, Panhong Nie



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