IIAE CONFERENCE SYSTEM, The 5th IIAE International Conference on Industrial Application Engineering 2017 (ICIAE2017)

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A Fire Alarm Sensor Node with Long Battery Life by Zero Standby Power Consumption
Toru Kuwatani, Yasunobu Takaichi, Akira Yamawaki

Last modified: 2017-02-22


To alleviate the battery life problem for the sensor node in the wireless sensor network (WSN), we have proposed the sensor node architecture with the zero-standby power. This sensor node is suitable to detect the sudden and unexpected events like the disasters (earthquake, tsunami, landslide, flood, fire, and so on). This paper shows the fire detecting sensor node employing our proposed architecture, the silent fire detector (SFD). The SFD monitors the fire by the peltier device and never consumes any power while monitoring the fire since the ground line is disconnected by the MOSFET. This feature helps to extend the battery life of the sensor node to use the battery power fully when alerting. The MOSFET is turned on by the electromotive force from the peltier device when the fire occurs on. The SDF woken up alerts the fire to the WSN accurately and correctly by using the stable and strong power from the battery until the sensor node dies by fire. We develop the prototype hardware and demonstrate the practical execution of the SDF.

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