IIAE CONFERENCE SYSTEM, The 5th IIAE International Conference on Industrial Application Engineering 2017 (ICIAE2017)

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Development of the System Detecting for Motor Abnormalities of Drone Using Temperature Sensor
Keita Kihara, Huimin Lu, Shiyuan Yang, Seiichi Serikawa

Last modified: 2017-02-22


Drone is widely used, such as weather observation, spraying of agricultural chemicals, inspection of infrastructure, monitoring of disaster sites where people and vehicles cannot enter. However, there are already 418 accidents of usage of drone in the US. In addition, there are solutions to other factors among the causes cited as factors of the fall accident, but there is no solution to the failure of the motor. The purpose of this paper is to develop a system which prevents the motor from being used under abnormal temperature conditions and in order to protect the drones without failing down. The abnormal temperature of drones’ motors is monitored in this the proposed system. As a solution, Raspberrypi is attached to the drone to judge whether it was abnormal, and a temperature sensor was attached to the motors. Temperature sensor DS-18-B-20 is used for temperature measurement. We design an operation system to open the screen of Raspberrypi on PC for observation. In the proposed method, it is possible to stop the operation state of drone when abnormality exceeds the threshold setting of motor temperature. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed system can realize more safe drones' unmanned flight by controlling drone from information obtained by attaching sensor to motor of drone.

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