IIAE CONFERENCE SYSTEM, The 5th IIAE International Conference on Industrial Application Engineering 2017 (ICIAE2017)

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Consumer's Purchasing Decision Analysis by Considering Human Sensory of Product Exterior Design Using MA
Muhammad Reza Do. Bagus, Muhammad Sofyan D. Musa

Last modified: 2017-02-22


Consumer awareness to product design is getting higher and higher. Products exterior design is one of the most important factors which affects consumer’s purchasing decisions. Hence, how to develop the product exterior design which satisfies consumers’ concerns and interests effectively is of great importance exterior design manufacturers. To understand contributing factors of products exterior for consumer’s purchasing decision, this paper proposed to use multivariate analysis technique. Multivariate analysis (MA) technique is used to determine what features of product exterior design which attracts consumers’ concerns. The target of Multivariate Analysis is to obtain importance scores that represents factors of products exterior design, hence based on its score, it can be ranked which of the attributes of products exterior design more attract consumers’ concerns in purchasing decision.


Industrial Application

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