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Image Processing

Segmentation of Leaf Spot Disease on Apples Plants using Variational Level Set PDF
Syaiful Anam, Zuraidah Fitriah, Fajar Daniyal, Dinar Yoga Saitritama

Assistive Technology

Improvement the System to Fold Laundry that has be Hung up PDF
Takumi Saruhashi, Ryunosuke Miyamoto, Shenglin Mu, Takaaki Akimoto, Yuhki Kitazono
High-speed Transmission of Information about Car Accident with Inter-Vehicles Communication PDF
Kosuke Ando, Yuhki Kitazono

Meauarment System

Handmade Light Absorbance Measurement Device by Using Cellophane as Filter for Educational Purpose PDF
Soranut Kittipanyangam, Ponglert Rattanachinalai, Kanji Abe, Wanglok Do, Kei Eguchi

Electrical Technology 1

Analysis of Switched Capacitor Converter by Fibonacci Sequence for Generating a Staircase Sinusoidal Wave PDF
Wanglok Do, Soranut Kittipanyangam, Kanji Abe, Kei Eguchi
Experimental Study of a Non-Thermal Food Processing System Using a Series-Connected Bipolar Voltage Multiplier with Multiple Electrodes PDF
Kei Eguchi, Kanji Abe, Ryo Ogata, Ichirou Oota

Electrical Technology 2

Feasibility Study of Potential of Hybrid Renewable Energy Generation Sources for Rural Community; A Case of Nongplathao Park Community, Chaiyaphum Provincial Administration Organization, Thailand. PDF
Montre Chaleekure, Vinthnaphat Aphichoknithiphuwadol, Uthen Leeton, Boonruang Marungsri

Poster Session

Reducing Emissions from Diesel-Butanol-Biodiesel Engines PDF
Yuan-Chung Lin, Kassian Tshithigona Tshiningombwa Amesho, Syu-Ruei Jhang, Sumarlin Shangdiar, Shang-Cyuan CHEN, Hua-Chun Chen, Yu-Ling Liao


Numerical Analysis of Piezoelectric Nanobeams with Flexoeletric Effect PDF
Veena Phunpeng, Janjira Aphirakmethawong, Predo M Baiz



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