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Mechanical Technology 2

The Evaluation of Cornering Behavior of Low Floor Electric Bus: The Effect of Mass Distribution and Friction Coefficient PDF
Ekalak Prompakdee, Pornporm Boonporm, Supakit Rooppakhun

Electrical Technology 2

Effects of Ionic solutions in Water Treeing Propagation of XLPE Insulated HV Cable by Using ANSYS MAXWELL 2D PDF
Narupon Promvichai, Kelvin Melckzedeck Minjaa, Pius Victor Chombo, Tassanai Supanarapan, Terapong Boonraksa, Boonruang Marungsri
Simulation of Electric Field Distribution in Water Treed XLPE HV Underground Cable Using COMSOL Multiphysics PDF
Terapong Boonraksa, Narupon Promvichai, Tassanai Supanarapan, Kelvin Melckzedeck Minja, Pius Victor Chombo, Boonruang Marungsri


Numerical Analysis of Piezoelectric Nanobeams with Flexoeletric Effect PDF
Veena Phunpeng, Janjira Aphirakmethawong, Predo M Baiz



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