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Image Processing

Development of 3D Positioning Scheme by Integration of Multiple Wiimote IR Cameras PDF
Hui-Yuan Chan, Ting-Hao Li, Kuo-Shen Chen

Indusrial Application Technology 2

Preparation of Polystyrene/Polydopamine/Ag/ Polydopamine Microspheres with Multilayer Core-Shell Structure and Its Alignment in Dimethyl Silicone Oil Induced by Electric Field PDF
Zhifeng Wang, Zhikun Chen, Ming Zhang

Information Technology

Clustering Methods and Bound Value in Classify Density Traffic Accident Areas PDF
Hsien-Tsung Chang, Hieu Nguyen
Efficient and Effective Solid Waste Management in IoT-enabled Smart Cities PDF
Kristian Alex Dame, Chi-Yuan Ha, Che-Wei Chang
Fast Conflict Detection for Two-Dimensional Packet Filters PDF
Chun-Liang Lee, Chung-Yuan Huang, Tung-Yi Chen

Mechanical Technology 1

Analysis and Design of a Novel 3-DOF Translational and Rotational Elastomeric Bearing Positioning Stage PDF
Yu-Cheng Chen, Kuo-Shen Chen, Yun-Hui Liu

Electrical Technology 1

Characteristics and Behavior of Transient Current during Multiple Lightning strokes on a Train in Thailand by using ATPDraw PDF
Kelvin Melckzedeck Minja, Pius Victor Chombo, Narupon Promvichai, Uthen Leeton, Boonruang Marungsri

Mechanical Technology 2

Thermo-mechanical and Mold Flow Analyses of Die Shift in Wafer Reconstitution Process for Advanced Packaging Technology PDF
Cheng-Ying Yang, Yu-Cheng Liu, Kuo-Shen Chen, Tian-Shiang Yang, Yao-Chen Wang

Electrical Technology 2

Effects of Ionic solutions in Water Treeing Propagation of XLPE Insulated HV Cable by Using ANSYS MAXWELL 2D PDF
Narupon Promvichai, Kelvin Melckzedeck Minjaa, Pius Victor Chombo, Tassanai Supanarapan, Terapong Boonraksa, Boonruang Marungsri
Simulation of Electric Field Distribution in Water Treed XLPE HV Underground Cable Using COMSOL Multiphysics PDF
Terapong Boonraksa, Narupon Promvichai, Tassanai Supanarapan, Kelvin Melckzedeck Minja, Pius Victor Chombo, Boonruang Marungsri
Feasibility Study of Potential of Hybrid Renewable Energy Generation Sources for Rural Community; A Case of Nongplathao Park Community, Chaiyaphum Provincial Administration Organization, Thailand. PDF
Montre Chaleekure, Vinthnaphat Aphichoknithiphuwadol, Uthen Leeton, Boonruang Marungsri

Poster Session

Reducing Emissions from Diesel-Butanol-Biodiesel Engines PDF
Yuan-Chung Lin, Kassian Tshithigona Tshiningombwa Amesho, Syu-Ruei Jhang, Sumarlin Shangdiar, Shang-Cyuan CHEN, Hua-Chun Chen, Yu-Ling Liao


Developing Wiimote Indoor Localization Environment for Mobile Robot and Quadcopter Interaction in Motion Planning Applications PDF
Shu Heng Guo, Chung Hao Cheng, Kuo Shen Chen, Stanislav Vechet


Finite Element Analysis of Piezoelectric Functionally Graded Materials with the Variation of Volume Fraction Index PDF
Aunyamanee Chadajit, Veena Phunpeng



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