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Image Processing

Segmentation of Leaf Spot Disease on Apples Plants using Variational Level Set PDF
Syaiful Anam, Zuraidah Fitriah, Fajar Daniyal, Dinar Yoga Saitritama

Indusrial Application Technology 1

Study on Organization Resilience to ensure Safety Climate based on Global Standard PDF
Nyambayar Davaadorj, Ichiro Koshijima


Classifying Human and Animal Hair Using Probabilistic Neural Networks for Texture Classification PDF
Jem Mae Tan Donato, Sandra Mae Famador

Information Technology

Efficient and Effective Solid Waste Management in IoT-enabled Smart Cities PDF
Kristian Alex Dame, Chi-Yuan Ha, Che-Wei Chang

Meauarment System

Handmade Light Absorbance Measurement Device by Using Cellophane as Filter for Educational Purpose PDF
Soranut Kittipanyangam, Ponglert Rattanachinalai, Kanji Abe, Wanglok Do, Kei Eguchi

Electrical Technology 1

Analysis of Switched Capacitor Converter by Fibonacci Sequence for Generating a Staircase Sinusoidal Wave PDF
Wanglok Do, Soranut Kittipanyangam, Kanji Abe, Kei Eguchi


Consumer's Purchasing Decision Analysis by Considering Human Sensory of Product Exterior Design Using MA PDF
Muhammad Reza Do. Bagus, Muhammad Sofyan D. Musa



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