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Meauarment System

Handmade Light Absorbance Measurement Device by Using Cellophane as Filter for Educational Purpose PDF
Soranut Kittipanyangam, Ponglert Rattanachinalai, Kanji Abe, Wanglok Do, Kei Eguchi

Electrical Technology 1

Analysis of Switched Capacitor Converter by Fibonacci Sequence for Generating a Staircase Sinusoidal Wave PDF
Wanglok Do, Soranut Kittipanyangam, Kanji Abe, Kei Eguchi
Experimental Study of a Non-Thermal Food Processing System Using a Series-Connected Bipolar Voltage Multiplier with Multiple Electrodes PDF
Kei Eguchi, Kanji Abe, Ryo Ogata, Ichirou Oota



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