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Meauarment System

Handmade Light Absorbance Measurement Device by Using Cellophane as Filter for Educational Purpose PDF
Soranut Kittipanyangam, Ponglert Rattanachinalai, Kanji Abe, Wanglok Do, Kei Eguchi

Mechanical Technology 1

Parametric Design and Optimization of Alloy Wheel Based on Dynamic Cornering Fatigue Test PDF
Worawat Puangchaum, Supakit Rooppakhun, Veena Phunpeng
Numerical Simulation of Contact Stress in Fixed Bearing and Mobile Bearing Total Knee Arthroplasty PDF
Wisanupong Takian, Supakit Rooppakhun, Bura Sindhupakorn

Mechanical Technology 2

TThe Effect of Dynamic Interfragmentary Movement on the Mechanical Performance of External Fixation Devices for Open Tibial Fractures PDF
Thongchai Leetha, Veena Phunpeng, Supakit Rooppakhun
The Evaluation of Cornering Behavior of Low Floor Electric Bus: The Effect of Mass Distribution and Friction Coefficient PDF
Ekalak Prompakdee, Pornporm Boonporm, Supakit Rooppakhun



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