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Keynote Speech

Highly Efficient Solar Water Disinfection: Design, Preparation and Applications PDF
Zhenyuan Teng, Hongying Lv, Chengyin Wang, Ming Zhang

Indusrial Application Technology 2

Preparation of Polystyrene/Polydopamine/Ag/ Polydopamine Microspheres with Multilayer Core-Shell Structure and Its Alignment in Dimethyl Silicone Oil Induced by Electric Field PDF
Zhifeng Wang, Zhikun Chen, Ming Zhang
Study on the Self-polymerization and Co-polymerization Properties of Gadolinium Methacrylate PDF
Chunhong Wang, Ming Zhang

Artificial Intelligence for Internet of Things 1

A Robust Mechanism for Robot Team Formation PDF
Jing Wu, Yi Jiang, Kairong Li, Zhou Xu

Mechanical Technology 2

Thermo-mechanical and Mold Flow Analyses of Die Shift in Wafer Reconstitution Process for Advanced Packaging Technology PDF
Cheng-Ying Yang, Yu-Cheng Liu, Kuo-Shen Chen, Tian-Shiang Yang, Yao-Chen Wang

Artificial Intelligence for Internet of Things 2

A Fruit Sensing and Classification System by Fractional Fourier Entropy and Improved Hybrid Genetic Algorithm PDF
Zhihai Lu, Siyuan Lu, Shuihua Wang, Yujie Li, Yudong Zhang, Huimin Lu


CLS Data Interpolation with Spline Curves and Its Post Processing for Generating a Robot Language PDF
Fusaomi Nagata, Yudai Okada, Takamasa Kusano, Keigo Watanabe



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