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Keynote Speech

New Trend of LED Position Detection for Indoor Applications PDF
Shiyuan Yang

Intelligent System

A Brief Review of WSN Applications PDF
Jingjing Zhao, Meng Ge, Yun Yang, Lifeng Zhang
Consideration on Sampling Interval in Computer-generated Hologram Using Angle Spectrum Method PDF
Koki Nakashima, Mizuho Kimura, Shiyuan Yang
Dependence Initial Phase Distribution for Kinoform Speckle Elimination PDF
Akihiro Ito, Takayuki Yokoyama, Shiyuan Yang

Meauarment System

Proposal of Vital Data Analysis Platform using Wearable Sensor PDF
Yoji Yamato

Electronic Technology

Development of Analog to Digital Interface for Scalable Ultrasonic Sensor Array PDF
Yuichi Morita, Sota Kono, Akira Yamawaki
Power Saving Effect of Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration on FPGA PDF
Satoshi Yonemitsu, Sota Kono, Akira Yamawaki
Coordinate Detection for Automatic Guided Vehicle Using Indoor Ceiling LED Lights PDF
Shiyuan Yang, Kenta Kagemoto, Kosuke Onishi
Recognition of Road in Bad Weather Using Deep Learning PDF
Yu Nakagawa, Huimin Lu, Kenta Kagemoto, Nobuhiro Hirano, Shiyuan Yang, Seiichi Serikawa

Mechanical Technology 2

Thermo-mechanical and Mold Flow Analyses of Die Shift in Wafer Reconstitution Process for Advanced Packaging Technology PDF
Cheng-Ying Yang, Yu-Cheng Liu, Kuo-Shen Chen, Tian-Shiang Yang, Yao-Chen Wang

Artificial Intelligence for Internet of Things 2

Development of the System Detecting for Motor Abnormalities of Drone Using Temperature Sensor PDF
Keita Kihara, Huimin Lu, Shiyuan Yang, Seiichi Serikawa
Development of the Drone with the Function of Flight and Vehicle to Save Power Consumption PDF
Ryunosuke Tadoh, Huimin Lu, Shiyuan Yang, Seiichi Serikawa

Poster Session

Discussions on Proposed Boost Inverters in Integrated Construction PDF
Keiju Matsui, Eiji Oishi, Yasutaka Kawata, Mikio Yasubayashi, Masayoshi Umeno, Hideo Uchida, Masaru Hasegawa
An Architecture of Energy Efficient Restroom by Making Zero Standby Power PDF
Karen Shibasaki, Sota Kono, Akira Yamawaki
A Fire Alarm Sensor Node with Long Battery Life by Zero Standby Power Consumption PDF
Toru Kuwatani, Yasunobu Takaichi, Akira Yamawaki
Development of Wireless Monitoring Device for Window Security using a Light Sensor PDF
Ryuji Funemizu, Yasunobu Takaichi, Akira Yamawaki
Study on the Modal Analysis Method of Two Screw Pump Rotor PDF
Zhang Fan, Zhu Jun, Wu Gaojie, Sun Yajing



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