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An adaptive Sliding Window based on Fuzzy Filter for removing Wide-range Impulse Noise Densities on the Image Sequence
Fitri Utaminingrum, Keiichi Uchimura, Gou Koutaki

Last modified: 2013-10-01


In this work, we propose a filter using adaptive sliding window based on a fuzzy filter to reduce impulse noise corruption in the image sequence. Two uncorrupted pixels are selected from wt and wt+1 windows. An effective method for reducing of impulse noise and obtaining a fast computation time process is presented in our research paper by adopting a fuzzy theory. Fuzzy is knowledge-based and robust, that cause several methods based on fuzzy method will get a better result in the filtering image. Experimental results of quantitative and qualitative parameters have provided a high Mean Structural Similarity (MSSIM) index, a high Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR), a good visual result and a fast computing time at various percentages of impulse noise densities in the image sequence.


window, impulse noise, pixel.


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