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An Augmented Reality Mobile System for Products Display
Nuwee Wiwatwattana, Sasivimon Sukaphat, Peerunya Puchongkarat, Sunisa Chaigrajang, Hathairat Khunratchatapairoj

Last modified: 2013-10-01


Digital Marketing, Augmented Reality, and Mobile Computing are three technology trends dominating the commerce world. The work presented in this paper is the design and development of an augmented reality mobile system for point-of-sale products display/presentation, a system that provides information beyond what could be elaborated on the product package in an innovative way, beneficially bringing together the three dominating trends. Our mobile system consists of an Android application and a web service providing product information. The augmented reality technology employed is marker-based using QR codes as fiducial markers. After a marker is read, it is identified from the marker database by the marker detection algorithm. The 3D pose estimation is performed, and product information, in the form of a virtual image retrieved from the content database, is rendered live over the product in the device’s camera view. The application sends requests to the designated websites or to the developed web service to retrieve more details of the product. The system prototype for food is implemented, and food recipes along with manufacturing information of the products are offered.


Augmented Reality;Digital Marketing;Mobile Computing;Web Service;Android Application


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