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Image Enlargement Based on the Different Scale Factors for Slice Region
I Komang Somawirata, Keiichi Uchimura, Gou Koutaki

Last modified: 2013-10-01


This paper proposes an image enlargement method with proportional content magnification by implementing the different scale factor for image slice region. We use window-kernel image magnification to enlarge the image slice. The enlarged image to target image size has three steps. The first step, source image is enlarged to the same size with high of the target image. The second step, the enlarged image in the first step is sliced from top to bottom following the minimum energy from the image. The third step, the image slices with non salient image content are selected to enlarge to the full-size image. The proposed method has been evaluated using peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR). The PSNR value on a uniform enlarged image using a scale factor equal to four has highest value compared with the comparison method.  The image enlargement in the different ratio is also presented.


enlargement; window; slice


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