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The Fribourg Product Image Database for Product Identification Tasks
Kai Chen, Jean Hennebert

Last modified: 2013-10-01


We present in this paper a new database containing images of end-consumer products. The database currently contains more than 3'000 pictures of products taken exclusively using mobile phones. We focused the acquisition on 3 families of product: water bottles, chocolate and coffee. Nine mobile phones have been used and about 353 different products are available. Pictures are taken in real-life conditions, i.e. directly in the shops and without controlling the illumination, centering of the product or removing the background. Each image is provided with ground truth information including the product label, mobile phone brand and series as well as region of interest in the images. The database is made freely available for the scientific community and can be used for content-based image retrieval benchmark dataset or verification tasks.


Image processing;CBIR;image retrieval;image database;FPID;benchmarking;product identification


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