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Independent Thresholds on Multi-scale Gradient Images
Bo Li, Shafiq Ur Réhman, Ulrik Söderström, Haibo Li

Last modified: 2013-10-01


In this paper we propose a multi-scale edge detection algorithm based on proportional scale summing. Our analysis shows that proportional scale summing successfully improves edge detection rate by applying independent thresholds on multi-scale gradient images. The proposed method improves edge detection and localization by summing gradient images with a proportional parameter cn(c < 1); which ensures that the detected edges are as close as possible to the fine scale. We employ non-maxima suppression and thinning step similar to Canny edge detection framework on the summed gradient images. The proposed method can detect edges successfully and experimental results show that it leads to better edge detection performance than Canny edge detector and scale multiplication edge detector.


Edge; Detection; Multi-scale;


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