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Development of Fixed-point Trigonometric Function Library for High-level Synthesis
Naohiro Iwanaga, Takayoshi Abe, Akira Yamawaki

Last modified: 2013-10-01


With the sophistication of embedded devices, it has become necessary hardware of various processes. Also, of the design flow for performing hardware implementation, design flow using high level synthesis has attracted attention. n this design flow, library of elementary functions such as trigonometric and exponential functions in the algorithm is present. However, it has become a prerequisite floating-point arithmetic, which is a library of not suitable for hardware implementation. Therefore, by using an algorithm called CORDIC, was fixed point of the process of the sin and cos of the trigonometric functions. It was a result that it can be said that the calculation accuracy equivalent to a standard math.h header file in the C language.


High-level-synthesis, CORDIC, VHDL


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