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Proposal of High Precise Touch Switch Whose Shape and Placement Can Be Changed Arbitrarily
Kazuki Matsumoto, Shun Inoue, Seiichi Serikawa

Last modified: 2013-10-01


There is the touch switch which works because a person comes into contact, and, however, unlike a conventional mechanical button switch, as for most of the conventional touch switch, a maker decides a shape. In addition, a spherical surface and the irregularity side are not included, and the place to establish is limited to a plane. Furthermore, it was common that it was incorporated in an apparatus beforehand and was shipped, and it has not been thought about a user changing them after the number and the shape of the switch, shipment including the placement.

In this study, a user suggests the touch switch which can change the shape of the switch, the number and placement optionally to like it. The touch switch to suggest this time is comprised of a power supply, a detecting element, a touch switch part. When I use a metal film and a metal film for a switch part and touch this metal film, an electric current drifts to the human body, and an electric current drifts to the whole circuit. And I distinguish the touch switch from the ratio of an electric current called off to a detecting element. It becomes in this way easy for the circuit which it can plan convenience and general purpose improvement, and it made in this study again to install plural switches by increasing the parts of the metal film not a high price like an existing touch switch because it becomes able to make a switch part a free shape, and it can change placement optionally by putting a metal film on various places as well as a plane, and putting it to be comprised of aluminum foil and the resistance that are a metal film.


touch switch, metal film, capacitive, shape, placement


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