IIAE CONFERENCE SYSTEM, The 1st IEEE/IIAE International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Image Processing 2013 (ICISIP2013)

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Generation of Uniform Laser Beam with Iterative Flexible Dummy Area Method
Yuki Misaki, Taiki Nakano, Toshinori Hora, Shiyuan Yang, Fenghui Yao

Last modified: 2013-10-01


Kinoform is a kind of a computer hologram only with a phase modulation, and it hasutilization efficiency of high light in order not to modulate the amplitude of incidence light. kinoform must stabilize amplitude distribution because it does not have amplitude modulation. Iterative dummy area method is an algorithm which reduces the noise of a reproduction image. However, this method is undesirable for error exist in the surrounding dummy domain of an original picture image in utilization efficiency of light.We compare with Iterative dumy area method with flexible dummy area size for the design of kinoform and Iterative dummy area method using the square distribution image. From the result of the reproduction image, there is no obvious noise around an original image.


kinoform, Iterative dummy area, flexible dummy area


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