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Method of 3 Dimensional Coordinate Acquisition by Combining a 2 dimensional PSD and an Ultrasonic Sensor Unit
Yuya Kawahara, Ryuichi Udo, Lifeng Zhang

Last modified: 2013-10-01


Recently, the products operated by a touch panel hasbeen spreading. However, with multi-functionalization andadvanced features of home electronics, the number ofcommands increased and the number of buttons hasincreased. Therefore, the size of buttons become smaller,the area of touch panel is limited, and the shape is limited toplate. It becomes difficult to work with. Athree-dimensional touch panel may be mentioned as amethod of solving this problem. Three-dimension touchpanel provides a virtual touch on a space, so the size ofpanel and button are not dependent on the size of the deviceand can make any size of buttons. Moreover, intuitiveoperation is possible. In this paper, using a combination oftwo-dimensional PSD and ultrasonic sensors, we propose amethod for obtaining three-dimensional coordinates of theposition of the finger with high accuracy.


PSD, ultrasonic sensor, touch panel


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