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Proposal of New Medication Sensor to Prevent Forgetting to Take Medicine
Takuya Matsumoto, Shota Nakashima, Yuhki Kitazono

Last modified: 2013-10-01


The number of diabetic patients is increasingworldwide. Although treatments, such as medical diet,therapeutic exercise, and pharmacotherapy, are available topatients, they fail to show effectiveness with some patients.Some of the patients lack in daily exercises. In addition, 60percent of the patients forget to take medicines on time. Inorder to solve such problems, a database system wasdeveloped to support the nursing of diabetic patientsthrough using mobile phones. However, this system fails tofunction as expected due to the reason that patients arerequired to keep in mind of the amount of exercise they aredoing daily. It is difficult for patients to keep in mindcorrectly of the exercise amount. Therefore, we haddeveloped a supporting system for diabetes patients. Thissystem can record the amount of exercise of the userautomatically, and offer advice accordingly. This systemcan also recognize the situation of medication, and suggestthe correct medication to the user. However, the system isinconvenient because the size of the medication sensor islarge. In this study, we proposed a new medication sensor toprevent forgetting to take medicine on time. Thismedication sensor is much smaller than the previousmedication sensor. This sensor can also recognize thesituation of medication, and suggest the correct medicationto the user.


medication sensor, forgetting to take medicine, LED, phototransistor, magnetic sensor


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