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Proposal of System to Prevent Midnight Prowl
Yuhki Takahashi, Shota Nakashima, Yuhki Kitazono

Last modified: 2013-10-01


In this study, we developed system to prevent midnight prowl using the depth camera and checked the operation of the system constructed. First, installed the camera on the ceiling, get depth information in the field of view, and also got background's depth information. The detection of human get up was performed by taking the difference between the depth and the current depth of the background. Converted into numeric depth information a distance from the camera to be retrieved as a string, and obtains the height of the object from the difference between them. Take a threshold value than the height that was acquired to detect anything more than a certain height, and also in after removing those narrow areas coordinates from the coordinates, and performs the tracking to obtain the center coordinates of the subject. We went from the center point when the track is interrupted the entry and exit detection.


welfare, sensor, depth information


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