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Real-time Intelligent PID Controller for Ultrasonic Motor
Shenglin Mu, Kanya Tanaka, Shota Nakashima, Djoewahir Alrijadjis

Last modified: 2013-10-01


In order to get good performance of ultrasonic motors (USMs) in real applications, a real-time intelligent PID controller is proposed in this paper. To overcome the problems of characteristic variation and nonlinearity, an intelligent PID controller combined with particle swarm optimization (PSO) type neural network (NN) is studied in real-time environment for USM control. In the proposed method, an NN controller is designed for adjusting PID gains. The learning of NN is implemented by PSO updating the weights of NN on-line. By employing the proposed method, the characteristic changes and nonlinearity of USM can be compensated effectively in real-time environment. The effectiveness of the method is confirmed by experiments.


ultrasonic motor, PID control, real-time, neural network, particle swarm optimization


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